TU/e Funds Exchange

Erasmus+ grants for study

Erasmus+ Study grants are meant to cover the additional costs of a period abroad.

An Erasmus+ grant can be obtained if the TU/e student fulfills the following components:

  • Is a national of a country participating in the Erasmus programme, or an individual recognized by the Dutch government in which he/she is resident as refugee, stateless person or permanent resident.
  • Is registered in a programme, study or is pursuing an additional/postgraduate study at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, finishing with a recognized diploma (ir./MSc, or PDEng, or dr./PhD)
  • Is a full-time student at the host institution.
  • Has completed the first year of study with success.
  • Has never before received an Erasmus grant during his study program at TU/e.
  • Will not apply for other scholarships or grants awarded through the European Union programmes in the same study period.
  • Will not use the Erasmus grant for the same expenses where he/she gets compensation for by an other grant.

 Grants will only be awarded:

  • For student mobility to institutions that have signed bilateral Erasmus agreements with the TU/e in specific subject areas.
  • After approval of the TU/e Erasmus Department Co-ordinator.

Erasmus+ Placement: Erasmus+ program for internships in EU/EEA

Reconfirm TU/e is responsible for the policy and management of the part of the Erasmus+ program that deals with 'student placements' in companies and research institutions. TU/e students who wish to apply for the Erasmus Placement grant, have to register via the following link: registration form Reconfirm TU/e

For more information and questions about the status of your Erasmus Placement Grant, you can contact Reconfirm TU/e directly.

TU/e Fund International Experience 2019

TU/e Fund International Experience 2019 (FIE 2019) provides financial support to TU/e students for travel and extra expenses during their exchange/internship abroad.

FIE 2019 is available for an exchange study, research period or internship outside the EU/EEA  and exchange/research at a non-Erasmus partner university with a studyload of at least 15 ECTS and a duration of at least 3 months (12 weeks).

To obtain the application form of 'Fund International Experience 2019, you can use this link: aanmeldformulier.

Students who will do an internship or exchange outside the EU/EEA also apply for the Hollands Scholarship grant when they submit an application for Fund International Experience In this section you can find more information about Holland Scholarship   

To apply for the Holland Scholarship grant, you have to submit your application form before the deadline of the quartile in which your exchange/internship starts (see table below) to ESA/io.
After the deadline ESA/io will make a ranking list based on the average grade and study progress of the applicants. The select top of the quartile list receives the Holland Scholarship grant.

Deadlines for application Holland Scholarship ( 2019/2020)


start date between




Deadline application Holland Scholarship for mobility with

start date in quartile

Quartile 11 July30 September1 June
Quartile 21 October31 December1 September
Quartile 31 January31 March1 December
Quartile 41 April30 June1 March

Fund International Experience 2019: Terms and conditions

  • Fund international Experience (FIE) provides financial support to TU/e students for travel and extra expenses during their exchange/internship abroad.
  • A student is eligible to apply for FIE when he meets the following criteria:
    a. Student is enrolled as a fulltime student with main registration at the TU/e;
    b. Student actually studies at TU/e;
    c. Student cannot participate in the Erasmus+ Study, Erasmus + Placement, Holland Scholarship program or does not participate in a Summer school where TU/e refunds a significant part of the costs;
  • There is no right to receive a FIE grant when the exchange/internship abroad period of the student is shorter than 12 consecutive weeks.
  • The student is only entitled to receive a financial contribution when the student obtains at least 15 ECTS for his exchange/internship abroad.
  • A student can receive the FIE grant only once during his study program at TU/e.
  • During his exchange/internship, the student actually lives abroad in the country where the foreign host university, institute or company is located.

In this document you can read the exact Terms, conditions and procedures of Fund International Experience.