SFC05 - Approaching your studies

Target group

First or second year students who are struggling with their studies and are in need of support.

Learning objective

You will learn basic study skills and how to apply them.

Course content

During the course, we will discuss a range of subjects relating to study management, such as ‘attending and actively participating in lectures and instruction groups’, ‘weekly planning’ and ‘sitting exams’. Students start applying these techniques in their own studies immediately.

Start dates

The course is given in Dutch. If there is sufficient interest, it will also be run in English.

The course starts in the first week of Quartiles 3 and 4. Sessions are held weekly throughout the quartile. More information concerning the course can be found on Osiris.

You can register for this course by sending an email to ESA Trainingen, including your name, student number and number of the course you wish to attend (SFC05).

Before commencing the course, you will be invited for an individual intake interview to determine whether the course is suited to your needs.