Language Courses

The Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication (CLIC) is part of the Education and Student Service Center (STU). It provides courses in English, Dutch for foreigners (NT2) and Intercultural Communication for students and employees of TU/e.

Moreover, TU/e students and employees can consult with STU-CLIC about communication matters. Lecturers at STU-CLIC provide outstanding high-quality and functional courses. They are specialized in the technical and social context of the languages and intercultural communication.

STU-CLIC also provides individual Coaching in English and English Language Assessment for TU/e lecturers teaching in English.

STU-CLIC does not provide certificates upon completion of an English language course. Should you wish to prove your completion of such a course, we suggest printing a course description from the study-guide and attaching it to a copy of your grade transcript.