Advisors and tutors

Student life is one of the most interesting time periods of your life. However, there might be questions that occupy your mind.

Study advisor

When you experience a fear of exams, black outs, problems with studying or problems of personal matter, the study advisor can help.

During the time you study at the TU/e, you can go to the study advisor for a personal conversation. Sometimes the study advisor can invite you for a talk because of your study progress. Conversations with the study advisor are confidential and will take place in an open atmosphere.

The study advisor can help you with things like study scheme's, time management and how to study, but she could also refer you to the student psychologist, doctor or dean.

Each department has its own study advisor.

Student advisor

You can have doubts about your course, planning your studies could go better, your personal circumstances are not really optimal or the end of your studies is near and you want to know more about job applications.

Education and Student Service Center (STU) can guide you in handling this kind of questions. If you are interested, you can make an appointment with one of the student advisors through the STU service desk.

The STU student advisors work for short periods of time and solution-effective. No costs are involved.

Confidential advisors and complaints committee

TU/e has appointed two confidential advisors to support students and staff faced with this kind of inappropriate behavior in seeking a solution and if necessary submitting a formal complaint.