Official Rules and Regulations

All TU/e rules and regulations can be found on this page. Specific Regulations that are set by the departments, can be found on the pages of the Majors or Master's Programs.

The Official Rules and Regulations describe the terms and conditions on which the mentioned Regulation is applicable. The Student Statue describes the rights and duties of the TU/e and students towards each other.

Codes of conduct

Eindhoven University of Technology places great importance on a number of core values within the organization. That is why at TU/e we commit ourselves to codes of conduct and regulations that provide guidance for working and studying at our university.

Testing, exam committees, fraud and plagiarism

All rules and regulations concerning Testing, Exam committees and Fraud and Plagiarism can be found on the pages Testing and Assessment.

Transition Procedure Bachelor College

The Bachelor College is making radical changes to the TU/e’s Bachelor’s programs. Students who started their Bachelor’s programs before September 2012 may be affected by the transition procedure Bachelor College.