Administrative Costs Regulation for the Bachelor College

Administrative costs regulation (ACR) Bachelor College

The TU/e uses an administrative costs regulation for all courses in Bachelor College. If you have not managed to enroll for (a) course(s) in the next quartile before the regular registration deadline, you have the option to pay administrative costs. For each course you want to subscribe to after the deadline you will have to pay a fee of €20,-. The instructions and the deadlines you can check here. More information about the ACR you can find in Art. 3.9 lid1 in the PER.

The TU/e applies the administrative costs regulation for all Bachelor College courses. If you were too late to register for a quartile, you have the option to pay administrative costs. These administrative costs are €20,- per course you still wish to register for. Check all the deadlines here.

Please note that the Bachelor course you would like to take needs to be included in your study package before you can register in OASE.


  1. If you are too late to register for a course in the Bachelor College, but the course has not yet commenced, you are not able to register in OASE. A button ' Late registration' will appear.
  2. You must cover administrative costs  by PIN payment at the information desk of the Education and Student Service Center (STU, open on weekdays from 08:30 to 17:00). The sum is €20,- per course for which you wish to register.
  3. STU registers the course codes you pay administrative cost for, make sure you've written these down before you come to pay.
  4. An hour after payment you will be given the opportunity to register for the course in OASE yourself. The course must be present in your study package.

Please note!

  1. Registration is open from 15 June the entire academic year (all four quartiles). It is recommended to register as quickly as possible for your subjects and not to wait until close to the deadline for each quartile.  
  2. It is possible that the subject you are trying to register for has not yet been set within your study package. As a result, you will be unable to register. Ensure that you sort out your study package in time, we advice you to check this about 5 workingdays before the registration deadline. Contact your own Education Office for details. This could prevent you form paying administrative cost.
  3. For some subjects a maximum has been set on the number of participants. Once this maximum has been reached, you will not be able to register. You can then choose and other elective, this needs to be processed in your study package by your student administration first.
  4. If the courses in a particular quartile have already commenced, you will not be able to participate in courses for the quartile in question, even if you try to pay for administrative costs.