You may have a valid reason for having been unable to register on time. If you have not yet made use of your yellow card, then it is advisable to use it in such a case.  You will only be exempt from paying administrative costs if you have recognized extenuating circumstances. To this purpose, you must contact your student counsellor – make sure you do this before the beginning of the quartile.

Extenuating circumstances

Extenuating circumstances are defined as illness, functional impairment, or personal extenuating circumstances.  If you can demonstrate that you were unable to register due to extenuating circumstances, you must report this to your student counselor as quickly as possible. All reports of extenuating circumstances are treated with strict confidentiality. 

If the student counselor recognizes your extenuating circumstances, then you will be exempt from the payment of administrative costs. ESA will ensure that you can still register for the courses in Osiris. If you wish to participate in a course after the beginning of the quartile, the subject teacher will be asked whether that is possible