Bachelors before masters rule

Starting September 1st, 2012, the TU/e works with the ´Bachelor´s before Master´s rule´. This rule is the result of the introduction of the bachelor/master structure in 2002. Since then, the bachelor´s and master´s degree progams have been separate programs with their own admission and end requirements.

The ´Bachelor´s before master´s rule´ means that you can start a master’s degree program when you have completed your bachelor’s degree program. HBO and WO pre-master students must complete their pre-master’s degree program before they can start their master’s degree program.

The current system, under which undergrduate students with 160 or more credits can already start their master’s degree program, will be discontinued. The rule that pre-master’s students can enroll for a master’s degree program before they have completed their pre-master’s program will therefore also be discontinued.

For who

The Harde Knip rule applies to all students who want to start a Master’s program at the TU/e. It applies to all Bachelor's students at the TU/e, other Dutch and international university Bachelor's students, and hbo pre-Master students.

Starting dates Master's programs

External students can start all TU/e Master’s programs on at least two dates: the beginning of the first semester and the beginning of the second semester. You will therefore be able to start a Master’s program in September or in February.

Some Master’s programs start four times a year, at the beginning of each quartile. For more information, see the websites of the individual Master’s programs.

Students who complete a Bachelor’s program or a pre-Master’s course at the TU/e do not have to wait until the following starting date. They can enroll in a Master’s program at the moment when they have completed the Bachelor’s program of pre-Master’s course.

Pre-Master's program

Students on an hbo or w.o. pre-Master’s program (for students who have completed a Bachelor’s program that does not correspond directly to the TU/e Master’s program) must complete their TU/e pre-Master’s program before they can start their Master’s program.