Code of Conduct for Computer and Network Use

Students and employees use their computers and the internet for their studies and work on a virtually daily basis. TU/e aims to facilitate this use by providing good ICT systems. However these facilities bring with them the risk of inappropriate use. That means rules are necessary for the use of the TU/e computers, network and the internet.

TU/e has laid down these rules in the ‘TU/e Regulations for Computer and Network Use’. These describe how TU/e students and employees are allowed to use the available ICT facilities, the rules for liability, and the measures that TU/e will take in case of misuse of these facilities. The regulations also apply to visitors.

Basic rules

These regulations set out in detail the conditions and procedures for the use of computer and network facilities. However, in most cases it’s no more than a question of common sense and following a number of basic rules. The most important of these rules are given below:

  • You are allowed to use the computer and network facilities provided by TU/e (to a limited extent) for private purposes. It goes without saying that this use must not interfere with your normal work (or that of others), and that you also observe the normally applicable standards of conduct and legal regulations when you use the TU/e ICT facilities.
  • Make sure that your activities do not overload the TU/e facilities. For example don’t send large volumes of mails, or mails that are so large that they can slow the system down.
  • Only use your user name, password and e-mail address personally, and never give them to anyone else. Make sure you don’t leave a computer on which you are logged-in unattended – you are responsible for any misuse of your account.
  • Never send any messages that are hurtful, insulting, discriminating or in any other way inappropriate.
  • Of course you don’t use the TU/e facilities for any illegal activities such as hacking, cracking security codes or illegal downloading or copying of files.
  • You also don’t send chain mails, advertising messages or other kinds of ‘spam’.
  • Leave the system settings of the TU/e facilities intact and use these facilities with care.
  • You are not allowed to use the hardware and software made available by TU/e for advertising or commercial purposes, and you are not allowed to make them available to third parties. If you do this and TU/e has to pay a fine, you will have to repay this fine to TU/e.

Procedures and measures

If inappropriate use of the TU/e computer and network facilities is suspected, TU/e can take the necessary preventive measures. For example TU/e is obliged under certain conditions to make computer data and/or files available to the authorities if requested to do so.

TU/e can also start an investigation if fraudulent use of user names, passwords or data is suspected. As a TU/e student or employee you are obliged to cooperate in any such investigation. Of course TU/e will observe the rules as laid down in the Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (Netherlands Personal Data Protection Act).

If the TU/e computer and network facilities are found to have been misused, TU/e will have to take action. Reports of misuse by students are dealt with by the Commissie Gedragscode Computergebruik (Committee on Code of Conduct for Computer Use).

For employees TU/e follows the procedure and measures for misuse of TU/e computer and network facilities as laid down in the CAO (collective labor agreement) for the Dutch Universities. Depending on the severity of the offence, the possible sanctions range from a warning, through (temporary) exclusion from use of the TU/e facilities, to dismissal.