Complaints and disputes

If you have a complaint or do not agree with a certain decision, you can make use of the facility at the Education and Student Affairs Center (ESA). You can submit a complaint or dispute at the ESA reception desk, in writing or online.

Disputes include objections and appeals. The facility decides what constitutes a complaint, an appeal or an objection. You do not therefore have to think about that yourself.

Before taking formal steps it is advisable first to contact the body or person against whom you wish to submit an appeal, objection or complaint. Often it is possible to find a solution without instigating the formal procedures. Of course our student counselors can also advise you on the best course of action.
What happens if you decide to submit a complaint, objection or appeal? After the facility has received the complaint or dispute, it will be forwarded to the body authorized to process it. This might be the Departmental Board, the Executive Board or the Examination Appeals Board (CBE). The facility notes the date on which it receives the complaint or dispute and sends you a confirmation of receipt. It then closely monitors the progress of the complaint or dispute and makes sure it is processed within the stipulated period of time. If a student submits a dispute or complaint directly to a body of the university, the body concerned first has to send it to the facility to be registered before it can start the procedure.