The Governance Reinforcement Act

On January 1 and September 1, 2017, respectively, various parts of the Governance Reinforcement Act (called “Reinforcement of Administrative Clout Act” in earlier documents) will take effect. In the downloads accompanying this web page you can read a summary of what this legislation entails and how TU/e intends to deal with the implementation of the new law.

Main elements

The main elements of the Governance Reinforcement Act and the first proposals of the Steering Committee guiding the implementation of the new legislation at TU/e are described in the document "The Reinforcement of Administrative Clout Act: Proposals of the Steering Committee” dated April 26, 2017. You will find this document as a download on this page.


Based on the discussion on these proposals in various bodies, external legal advice has been sought. Moreover, a question has been asked to the Netherlands-Flanders Accreditation Organization NVAO. Unfortunately, the relevant documents, dated June 8, 2017, are available in Dutch only; they can be found on the Dutch version of this webpage.

This equally applies to an outline provided by the Inspectorate of how under the new law the right of consent with regard to the Program and Examination Regulations will be divided over departmental councils and program committees.

Present state of affairs

The present state of affairs can be found in a letter by the Executive Board to the departmental board dated July 3, 2017. Again, this letter is available in Dutch only. However, a summary is available in English in the file “Info WVB EN”. This file contains a presentation intended for some information sessions for staff and students held in July 2017.

Next actions

At present, the information contained in this presentation still has the status of “Intended decisions”. These will be discussed further in September 2017 with a number of bodies, including the University Council, departmental councils, the Advisory Committee Bachelor Education, the Student Advisory Body as well as the meetings of BSc and MSc program directors, respectively. After these consultations, final decision-making will take place. Hence the information in the presentation is still with reservations.