Campus Card

Once you have completed your enrollment at Eindhoven University of Technology, you will receive a campus card.

Your campus card is valid for your entire study period. This means that you will receive a (plastic) campus card only once.

Alongside the campus card you can print out a proof of enrollment. The proof of enrollment can be printed out in Orisis: Personalia > Status of Enrollment.

Your campus card gives you access to

  • TU/e sports Centre
  • Lectures
  • The library
  • Copy machinesThe lockers in the MetaForum and Auditorium.

You must also show your campus card when you attend exams.

Changes to your details

If any of your personal or study details change you should contact the ESA. You can print out a new proof of enrollment via Osiris (Personalia > Status of Enrollment).

Loss or theft

In case of loss or damage of the campus card, you can fill in the digital form on our intranet page. You need to be on campus, or make a VPN connection to fill in this form.