Change of Major

Within the Bachelor College it is possible to change of major. To do this, you need to go through a number of steps. Because this process can take about 3-4 weeks, it's important to take action in time:

1. Timely plan a meeting (approximately 6 weeks before the end of the quartile) with the academic advisor of your current major. This can help you make a new choice.

2. After making a choice, schedule an appointment with the academic advisor of your new major. He/she can tell you more about the new major and advise on the composition of your new curriculum.

3. If you want to make your choice final, you must change your enrollment at TU/e. Please note that only after the conversation with your new graduate student counselor you can be enrolled in your new major.

4. Switching to a TU/e bachelor with numerus fixus per the new study year: this is only possible if you registered for your new bachelor program before January 15th. You have to register via Studielink before January 15 for your new major. In this case, you will follow the same selection procedure as the upcoming students.

N.B. switching your program – i.e. changing your program to a program with selection during the college year - after September 1st, 2018 is not possible.

5. a. If you change from major to a major without numerus fixus at the end of a college year, this must be done by re-enrollment for another major  at Studielink. The deadline for this is August 1.

b. If you change at the end of quartile 1, quartile 2 or quartile 3, you must pass this to the Service Desk of Education and Student Affairs (ESA).

For example, students with international education can contact the International Office ( They will then submit a new application to the admission committee. Once you agree, you can hand in the new authorization form for changing major at ESA's Service Desk.

6. After passing the change of the major at ESA, sign up with the Education Administration of your current and new major. At the current major, let us know you're leaving, the new one will let you know you're new. This will enable them to fix your study package. 

7. After changing the major, sign up for your subjects via Osiris.

Tip! When changing the major, take note of the application deadline for subjects. Processing of the major exchange request at ESA can take 5 business days. You are therefore advised to arrange your registration for courses on the Monday before the closing date. This will prevent you from paying your administrative costs.