Enrollment termination

Termination of enrollment after September 1

It can happen that you have to terminate your enrollment due to unforeseen circumstances. Also after getting your degree you need to terminate your enrollment at the university. Please use the termination form which is available at the servicedesk of the Education and Student Affairs.

On this page you will find information about the procedure to follow.

Termination of enrollment after September 1

Students enroll for a complete academic year. You can terminate your enrollment using the Termination of enrollment form which is available at the ESA service desk.

Please note:

  • Termination of enrollment can never be backdated, so submit the form for termination of enrollment as quickly as possible
  • Enrollment is always terminated in the month following your request for termination. For example if you submit a request for termination on January 19, your enrollment will actually be terminated on February 1 and you are officially no longer enrolled at TU/e from the month of February onwards.
  • It is NOT possible to terminate your enrollment using Studielink. You may only use the special form available from the ESA service desk.