Reimbursement tuition fee

The remaining tuition fee amount will be reimbursed to the bank account mentioned via Studielink.

Obviously we will take into consideration whether the tuition fee has been paid in full or whether you are paying in installments.

You are entitled to the return of one twelfth of the tuition fee for each month still left in the academic year after the termination of your enrollment.

For example: You wish to terminate your enrollment on December 1. This means that you have to submit the form for termination of enrollment in November. ESA terminates your enrollment as of December 1 and reimburses 9/12 of the tuition fee (providing of course that the tuition fee had been paid in full and not in installments!).

Should you terminate your enrollment from July 1 or August 1 you are not able to claim reimbursement for these months!)