Intellectual property rights

On signing the enrollment form you also agree to concede all intellectual property rights to the TU/e concerning your work, models, drawings or inventions created in the context of your studies (and/or whilst working on projects carried out by the TU/e or third parties) during your enrollment at the TU/e (or otherwise working for or with the TU/e).

If the TU/e determines at a later date that certain (formal) procedures must be instigated in order to ensure that the TU/e is or remains the rightful claimant, then the TU/e may ask you to cooperate. In such cases you are obliged to cooperate unconditionally. Should there be costs involved for third parties (including by official bodies) these costs will be met by the TU/e.

During an internship, graduation and involvement with companies during your studies, additional declarations regarding intellectual property rights will be agreed. Any additional agreements take precedence over the general TU/e agreement on intellectual property rights.