Internal direct-access Master's program

This page contains a short description for students and faculties on which steps to take to enroll into the master after completing the bachelor or pre-master program. The description contains the actual process on January 24, 2019. In the future changes to the process might occur and those will be published on this page.

If you pass your bachelor or pre-master program you will receive an invitation to enroll into the master when your examination date is registered in Osiris. You can already enroll into master courses, but if you want to do the request before your examination date is registered you can follow the steps below.


1StudentFirst of all the student needs to know when he wants to enroll into the master. Therefore the student must have completed (most of) his/her program. At that point the student can request a diploma via Osiris addressed to the exam committee.

It is also important to know that the student can already enroll into master courses, but not yet for the exams, before the request to enroll into the master is done.

3Examination Committee

The examination committee will then process the diploma request and appoint a meeting with the examination board. (The student does not have to be present at this meeting)


After the date of the meeting is appointed to the student, he/she can download the form “Enrollment Master, after finished pre-master program or Bachelor Program” on the TU/e forms page.


The student fills in the form completely.

  • Where it says “Passed Bachelor’s examination on (dd/mm/yy)” the student notes down the date of his/her last examination part (exam, report, presentation, etc.). This will give the staff at ESA an indication of when they can expect to process the document.
  • At the field “Starting date” it is important that this is the first of the month after the student’s “Passed Bachelor’s examination date”. The student can’t be enrolled into the master earlier than he/she has completed his/her bachelor.
  • Do not forget to sign the document.
6StudentThe student then hands in the completed document by mailing it to ESA or handing it in at the ESA desk (MF 1.214) or its green mailbox outside the sliding doors.
7ESAESA will accept the form and monitor when the examination committee registers the exam date in Osiris.
8Examination CommitteeThe examination committee registers the examination date. Once they have done this it will be visible in Osiris Student -> Progress -> Status graduation request.
9ESAESA will process the form and enroll the student into the master. The student will receive a confirmation once this is done.



  • A student does an enrollment request into a master that he/she is not directly admissible to, based on his/her bachelor.
    This request has to be approved by the admissions board before ESA can process the request. As soon as the admissions board has processed the admission, ESA will process the enrollment (if the examination date has been registered).
  • A student is enrolling into a master after completion of a pre-master.
    These students haven’t paid the tuition fee for the master program. These students have to contact ESA will send them an authorization form. The student fills in the form completely and hands it in at the ESA desk together with the enrollment form.
  • Enrollment per September 1.
    Enrollments per September 1 happen through a request in Studielink.

Deze pagina bevat een korte omschrijving voor de studenten en de faculteiten over welke stappen ze moeten ondernemen om intern door te stromen vanuit de bachelor of pre-master naar de master. Het beschreven proces is de actuele werkwijze op 24-01-2019. Bij eventuele wijzigingen in het proces, zal dit op deze pagina aangepast worden.

Wanneer je slaagt voor je bachelor of pre-master en wanneer de examendatum in Osiris wordt geregistreerd krijg je een uitnodiging via de mail om je via Osiris aan te melden voor de master. Je kunt je wel al aanmelden voor master vakken, maar mocht je je verzoek tot inschrijven voor de master eerder willen doen dan kan dit middels onderstaand stappenplan.