After graduation or termination of studies

When you have finished or terminated your studies at TU/e, it is important to complete the following formalities:  

  • De-register via Studielink 
  • Make sure your mailing address is up to date so that TU/e can contact your if necessary
  • Return library books 
  • Change your address at city hall. If you are moving to a new address within the Netherlands, you need to inform the city hall in your (new) town within 5 days of your move. If you are leaving the Netherlands, make sure to inform city hall about this within 5 days before your departure. For more information, visit the website of Eindhoven Municipality.

If you are leaving the Netherlands and our International Office arranged the AON student insurance for you, make sure to inform us to cancel this for you by sending an email to (submit your policy number and the exact date you would like this to be cancelled). If you are staying in the Netherlands because you have a job, you need to change your student insurance to a Dutch basis health care insurance. If you have successfully applied for a search year visa, you need to take out the AON insurance for search year student. Do not forget to have your (AON) student insurance cancelled. This will not be done automatically.  

If you have finished your studies and are moving away from/within Eindhoven, you should cancel your housing contract. This will not be done automatically. Please note that you have a notice period. This differs per landlord.  

Finances/bank account 
Make sure you check that you have paid all your bills and cancelled all direct debits and standing orders. Inform the bank if you are leaving the Netherlands and close your bank account. When moving to another address in the Netherlands, please inform your bank of your new address. 

Residence permit/search year permit 
After your residence permit had expired, you are expected to leave the country as soon as possible or arrange a different residence permit. See Cancellation of residence permit due to graduation or terminating studies for full information.