Extend your exchange period at TU/e

If you want to stay another semester as an exchange student at TU/e, you need to contact your coordinator at your department at TU/e and ask for permission. This person must send an email to ESA@tue.nl with your new enrollment dates. Then you can contact immigration.student@tue.nl to extend your residence permit. 

Following a degree program at TU/e after your exchange  
If you are interested in following a degree program at Tu/e after your exchange period, there are a few options: 

  • Getting your master’s degree at TU/e 
  • Completing a Post-Master’s program (EngD of designer’s program) at TU/e (with salary) 
  • Starting a PhD at TU/e (with salary) 

Master's program 
If you want to apply for one of the master’s programs, admission depends on your previous education. Please see here for more information. Once you’ve decided, you can apply here

After your master’s program you can choose to get more deeply involved in research. Over a period of four years, you develop the capability to carry out independent research. As a doctoral candidate you are employed by the university and under the supervision of a professor you work on a topic that fascinates you and into which you carry out further research. If you would like to do a PhD, you have to apply for a PhD position which you can find on the TU/e website

If you are interested in technological design and would like to increase your opportunities in the employment market, you can sign in on a two-year post-Master technological designer’s program. The program leads to a Professional Doctorate in Engineering degree. Just like a doctoral candidate, you will have the status of a TU/e employee.