Getting around

Public transport 
General information for all public transport can be found on or can be accessed by phone: 0900-92 92. 

For all public transport in the Netherlands you’ll need an OV-chipkaart. The card must be credited in Euros in advance. When you use public transport, you need to check in and out by holding the card tot the card reader. 

You can choose between a personal OV-chipkaart (via and an anonymous OV-chipkaart (which can be bought at the ticket office and vending machines at the train station). 

Another option is the Student Mobility Card (+ISIC); a custom-made mobility card for international students with a train discount and additional services, f.e. first discounted train tickets from Schiphol Airport to Eindhoven. Check for more information.

Cycling in the Netherlands is the most common way to get around. We advise you to not buy a too expensive bike. Make sure to buy a good lock and always lock your bike. Also make sure to check the lights, brakes and tires. Another option is to hire a bike via Swapfiets

Eindhoven Airport 
The airport is easily accessible form the city center by bus 400 or 401.