Study progress check

If you hold a residence permit for study, you are required under the conditions of that permit, to pass at least 50% of the study credits each academic year.

A study progress check is carried out each year to see whether you have passed enough study credits to retain your residence permit for study in the Netherlands. If you fail to meet this requirement the Dutch immigration office (IND) will withdraw your residence permit and you will be unable to stay in the Netherlands to finish your studies at TU/e.


In October/November of the academic year following the previous academic year at TU/e, the Education and Student Affairs (ESA) will carry out your study progress check.

  • If you started you studies at TU/e at the beginning of an academic year, you should have passed at least 30 credits by 1 September of the next academic year;
  • If you started you studies at TU/e at the start of semester 2, you should have passed at least 15 credits by 1 September of the next academic year;
  • If you started a pre-master program (schakelprogramma) you should complete the entire preparatory program within the academic year. A study progress of 50% is not sufficient.

Although the official check will be carried out in October/November, preliminary checks will be carried out by ESA in March to see whether you are on track with your credits.


Your academic advisor at the department may also check your study progress with you regularly.

If you are having problems with your studies and are unable to make sufficient study progress, you must inform your academic advisor at the department as soon as possible. The sooner you inform your academic advisor, the greater the chance that your academic advisor or an ESA student counselor will be able to help you to get your studies back on track. It might even be possible to get a one-time exception to the study progress check.

Residence permit for study

Please note that this study progress check is only for students holding a residence permit for study. If you hold a different type of residence permit (such as “with family”, “knowledge migrant” or “with partner”), this study progress check does not apply to you.

If you change the purpose of your residence permit during your studies at TU/e and are still a student here, please inform together with a copy of your new residence permit card.

More information

Some of the most asked questions can be found here.

If you have any further questions about the study progress check, please see your academic advisor or contact a student counselor at ESA.

If you want to know more about the residence permit for study in general, please read the information on this IND website.

Take your responsibility

It is your own responsibility to keep track of your study results. Therefore, make sure to:

  • Keep an eye on your results in Osiris during the academic year.
  • Be sure to contact ESA CSA immediately if not all of your credits are (accurately) registered in Osiris.

If you haven’t met the 50% credits requirement over the academic year, in autumn you will receive an official letter regarding TU/e ’s intention to inform the IND about your lack of study progress and the withdrawal of your residence permit. This letter will explain the consequences and provides information on the possibilities for submitting an appeal if you feel the details provided in the letter are incorrect.