Osiris Student

Osiris student is the student information system at TU/e. It is where you maintain a record of your student administration. You can arrange all of the following in Osiris Student: 

  • register for courses and exams 
  • check your grades 
  • keep track of your study progress 
  • look up course information 
  • pick up your proof of enrollment 
  • update your contact details if necessary 
  • request your degree certificate from the Examination Committee 

The screencast below explains the most important functionalities.

0:07 Consulting grades 

0:27 Keeping track of your study progress 

0:53 Course enrolment 

1:42 Test enrolment 

2:31 Consulting course information 

2:51 Exporting proof of enrolment 

3:12 Update your personal details 

3:32 Consult FAQ 

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