Frequently asked questions

What are the conquences of the ´Bachelor´s before master´s rule´ for me?

The system for registering for interim examinations is so structured that you can only register for an examination on the master's degree program if you are enrolled in a master's degree program. It is your own responsibility to ensure that you do not take part in examinations illegally.

What happens if I experience delays with my study?

If you do not complete all components of your bacheor’s degree program within the nominal study period, you cannot start your master’s degree program until at least a semester later. Good academic planning is therefore very important. If you think you are going to experience a delay with your study, you should contact your academic counselor.

If I have not been admitted to the master's degree program can I attend master's degree program classes?

No. You can only attend master’s degree programs classes and take master’s degree programs examinations if you have been admitted to the corresponding program. However in case of special circumstances, which have to meet certain criteria, it is possible to attend master’s degree programs classes. Your study advisor can inform you about this.

What is the hardship clause?

Students can apply for an exception under the hardship clause if they want permission to take extra resits for exams from the bachelor’s degree program in order to gain access to the master’s degree program. Under this clause, exceptions are possible, but they have to be genuinely urgent and exceptional cases. There are no clear, standard rules on who exactly is eligible, precisely because it is only possible in urgent and exceptional cases. The hardship clause also applies to students who almost (maximum of 6 credits left) finished their bachelor’s degree program (not being the bachelor final project) in the nominal time.

Who should i contact if i want to request an exception under the hardship clause?

If you want to request a exception under the hardship clause, contact the study counselor. He will be able to tell you about the procedure.

Who can I contact with any other questions?

If you would like more information on the ´Bachelor´s before master´s rule´ and how it will affect your study planning, you can contact the study counselor on your program.
If you would like coaching on study skills or study planning, you can contact Education and Student Affairs (ESA).