Obligation to report

1. If you are experiencing exceptional circumstances that may cause you to fall behind with your studies, you must notify your academic adviser or student counsellor from ESA immediately, in order to discuss which measures can be taken to reduce your study delay further  

Students facing a Binding Study Recommendation in their first year must report their exceptional personal circumstances as soon as possible and no later than twenty working days after the circumstances occurred (OER art. 7.7-3). Only on this condition the circumstances will be taken into account for the final Binding Study Recommendation.

2. If these circumstances indeed cause you to fall behind, you must report the delay to the student counselor within 2 months. If you fail to report it on time, your application for student financial support will be rejected. You can make an appointment with the student counselor via the website: https://educationguide.tue.nl/organization/advisors-and-tutors/

3. If you are unable to follow the program for more than two months due to exceptional circumstances, you are required to meet with the student counselor about the possibility of temporarily terminating your enrollment. You can make an appointment to discuss this. If you do not make use of the opportunity to terminate your enrollment temporarily or extend your period of student grant and/or loan via DUO, your application for student financial support may be fully or partially rejected. You will not receive assistance for the period in which you are not enrolled.