SFC02 - Tackling procrastination

Target group

Students, from the second year of the bachelor’s, who always intend to work, but do not carry through. As a result, they incur study delay and miss the connection with the regular curriculum.

Learning objective

  • Learning to recognize procrastination and the reasons for postponing;
  • Organizing your study;
  • Managing your time more consistently and efficiently.

Course content

"I really plan to start tomorrow!" If you are busy with these types of thoughts today, this training might be something for you. You regularly postpone your study tasks, wait until the last moment and therefore complete fewer subjects than you would have wanted. If that is the case, you can come to us! In this training the emphasis is placed on organizing your study and your personal life around it. Of course, the training is also focused on study management, but additionally on the reasons why you tend to procrastinate.

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