Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences

Major IE
First year, last names A-L: Ing. B. Osinga-Kuipers, Atlas 3.324
First year, last names M-Z,  Ir. T.J.C.M. de Bock-Loonen, Atlas 3.325
Second and older, all students: Ing. B. Osinga-Kuipers, Atlas 3.324

Majors PT and SI

PT First year: Ir. S.B.M. Rozemeijer, Atlas 3.328
PT Second year and older: Ir. T.J.C.M. de Bock-Loonen, Atlas 3.325 
SI First year: Dr. M.H. Jansen-Vullers, Atlas 3.326
SI Second year and older: Ir. W.L.M. Kuijpers, Atlas 3.325

(Pre) Masters IM, OML and MSE-OM
(pre-) master IM: Ir. S.B.M. Rozemeijer, Atlas 3.328
(pre-) masters OML and MSE-OM: Dr. M.H. Jansen-Vullers, Atlas 3.326

(Pre) Masters HTI and IS
pre-masters HTI and IS: Ir. S.B.M. Rozemeijer, Atlas 3.328
masters HTI and IS: Ir. W.L.M. Kuijpers, Atlas 3.325