Are TU/enable students registered as a regular student?

TU/enable students are registered as a regular (guest) student. This means they will need to meet all course demands and requirements to pass the course. It also means they can make use of TU/e facilities, such as the library and progrmas like SkillsLab.

Do TU/enable students receive ECTs?

TU/enable students do not receive ECTs, even if they pass the course. However, it is possible to see the grade obtained for the course in Osiris. We are working on creating a certificate of course completion.

If a TU/enable student decides to follow a bachelor or master afterwards, the student may receive ECTs for the course(s) they completed as a TU/enable, however this differs from case to case.

What is the intake procedure like?

After sending in an intake form, TU/enable invites all new eligible students for an intake interview to discuss their academic background, their level of English, and their motivation to join the program. Furthermore, the TU/enable students are required to sign an agreement with TU/enable to make them aware of their responsibilities.

Do you need a refugee status to be accepted as a TU/enable student?

You do not need a refugee status to be accepted as a TU/enable student. Therefore, asylum seekers, students with a refugee status, and rejected asylum seekers are all welcome. This is the main purpose of TU/enable; to offer courses to use the waiting time in a constructive manner. 

How many courses can a TU/enable student take per quartile?

You can apply for one course per quartile. If this goes well, you are definitely allowed to sign up for another course in the next quartile. The intake procedure will then be simpler, since we already know you. 

You cannot sign up for more than one course per quartile. If you have trouble choosing between two courses, we can talk about your choice during the intake interview.

Does TU/enable cover my travel expenses?

We unfortunately cannot help students cover travel expenses. Therefore, we require students to only apply if they live within one hour from the university.

Due to corona this was different because most courses took place fully online. However, in the upcoming 2021-2022 academic year, we will expect courses to go back to normal and therefore we will again require those applying to live within an hour away.

Where can I further develop my academic and professional skills?

Most courses include tasks like writing a paper/essay or collaborating with other students on a group project or presentation. This can be difficult, especially if you’ve (for instance) never done any group work before. SkillsLaboffers help to students for free through providing workshops, courses and (individual) guidance for writing, studying, and developing other academic skills.

They do have some paid courses, but many of their workshops and coaching are completely for free. 

Together with SkillsLab we are organising a special workshop for TU/enable students. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested.