A-Z Electives

Overview Elective Packages

Here you can find an overview of elective packages. This overvieuw shows all coherent packages you can choose, we advise you check the language it is offered in. Make sure your choices fit in your timetable, the TU/e planapp can help you with this choice.

It is possible to fill your electives with courses in stead of coherent packages. Every course in Bachelor College (major courses) can be chosen as elective.  Notice it is important that your chosen courses have enough depth. Therefore, it is important to discuss your choice in an early stage with your coach and submit it at the Examination committee.

Overview Elective Packages
 Package (PDF)Language
AAankomend tweedegraads lerarenopleidingDutch
 Aansluitend tweedegraads lerarenopleidingDutch
 Advanced Classical PhysicsEnglish
 Advanced Information Systems for IEEnglish
 Advanced Operations Management (Advised start in Q4 year 1)Dutch
 Analysis and GeometryEnglish
 Analysis of Information SystemsEnglish
 Architecture and urbanismEnglish


BBiological physicsEnglish
 Brain, perception, actionEnglish
 Building physics: Building and EnvironmentEnglish
 Building physics: Building Climate and SystemsEnglish
 Business Analytics, minorEnglish
 Business decision support (non IE)English
 Business economicsEnglish
 Business information management (non IE)English
CCare and cureEnglish
 Chemische biologieDutch
 Chemical and Process TechnologyDutch
 Cognition, social interactionEnglish
 Combinatorial optimizationDutch
 Computational biology Dutch
 Computational scienceEnglish
 Computer science essentialsEnglish
 Computer Science for Data ScienceEnglish
 Computer Science Research ProjectEnglish
 Computational techniques for physicistsEnglish
 Connected worldEnglish
DDesign for games and playEnglish
 Design of energy systemsEnglish
 Data Modelling FoundationsEnglish
 Data Science and EntrepreneurshipEnglish
 Data Science for IE&ISEnglish
EEconomics of innovation (no classes offered in 2018-2019)English
 Electric and hybrid vehiclesEnglish
FFinance and riskEnglish
 Flow, structure and strengthDutch
 Foundations of Program Construction and System BehaviorEnglish
GGame designDutch
HHealthcare Logistics (Advised start in Q4 year 1)English
 High tech systems designEnglish
 Information security in society (Will be phased out)English
 Innovation management (non IE)English
 Intelligent Vehicles: Communication, Sensing and PerceptionEnglish
 Interactive intelligent systemsEnglish
 Introduction in AutomotiveEnglish
 Introduction in Electrical EngineeringEnglish
 Introduction to business economicsEnglish
LLiberation of lightEnglish
 Logistic information systems (non IE)English

Mathematics Major Plus

 Mathematics Preparatory PackagesEnglish
 Moderne fysicaDutch
 Molecular Systems and Materials ChemistyEnglish
 Medical EngineeringNL/EN
 Multi-scale fenomenen en techniekenDutch
NNeuro EngineeringEnglish
 Nano-science and technology (Advised start in Q4 year 1)English
OOntwerpen, experimenteren en modellerenDutch
PPorous Media interuniversity elective packageEnglish
 Preparation master OML (non IE)English
 Science of Sound and MusicEnglish
 Smart mobility designEnglish
 Smart and sustainable society English
 Statistics for Data ScienceEnglish
 Statistics and research methodologyEnglish
 Stochastics: theory and applicationsEnglish
 Structural Engineering AdvancedEnglish
 Structural Engineering EssentialsEnglish
 Sustainable technology in Society (no classes offered in 2018-2019)English
 System architectureEnglish
 System Design & AnalysisEnglish
TTissue engineeringEnglish
UUtrecht (Mathematics at UU)NL/EN
 Urban Systems & Real Estate 1 English
 Urban Systems & Real Estate 2English
 USE Engineering DesignEnglish
WWork & Organizational psychology (non IE) (Advised start in Q4 year 1)Dutch
 Work & Organizational psychology for IE (Advised start in Q4 year 1)