Graduation deadlines

In Osiris you can easily register for the upcoming examination session. You can do this by clicking on Progress and then Qualification request.  This is only a tentative schedule. Please check before.

BSc Applied Mathematics31-08-202202-08-202217-08-2022
BSc Applied Mathematics26-09-202228-08-202212-09-2022
BSc Applied Mathematics31-10-202202-10-202317-10-2022
BSc Applied Mathematics21-11-202223-10-202207-11-2022
BSc Applied Mathematics12-12-202213-11-202228-11-2022
BSc Applied Mathematics30-01-202301-01-202316-01-2023
BSc Applied Mathematics27-02-202329-01-202313-02-2023
BSc Applied Mathematics27-03-202326-02-202313-03-2023
BSc Applied Mathematics24-04-202326-03-202310-04-2023
BSc Applied Mathematics22-05-202323-04-202308-05-2023
BSc Applied Mathematics26-06-202328-05-202312-06-2023

The closing date is the date by which you should have registered yourself via OSIRIS. The deadline is the date on which all study results must be registered in OSIRIS. Please contact if you have any questions. 

Dates M&CS Graduation Ceremonies

Department of M&CSGraduation Ceremonies  
ProgramPB, B of MDayDatePossible time slot(s)Location ceremonieLocation catering