Career orientation and coaching

During your Bachelor program, you gradually start to discover which profile (B, A or U) fits your interests and ambitions.

To help you make the best choices in the program, there are multiple career orientation activities that offer you insight in future career possibilities. In the three years of the program you participate in different types of activities. You will

  • visit companies to discover the professional field of the different profiles,
  • talk with professionals to get more in-depth information,
  • discuss your options with your fellow students and your coach, and
  • orientate on the possibilities within the curriculum for year 2 and 3 and the follow-up masters.

Coaching and advice

To help you considering your options and making choices, you will have a coach for the first year and a coach for the second and third year. Click here for more information about the roles of the student mentor, your coach and the study advisor.