Teacher coach

The teacher coach is a staff-member who supports and challenges the development of your professional identity and vision. The teacher coach also helps you to (learn to) reflect on where you are in your competence and professional skills development, where you want to go and how to get there. Teacher coaching is provided in the second and third year of the program.

In short, a teacher coach helps you to:

  • choose electives and projects
  • create a Personal Development Plan (PDP),
  • develop Professional Identity and Vision,
  • reflect on choices made,
  • develop Professional Skills.

Who is your teacher coach?

Please check the table below to see how your teacher coach is determined:

Student TypeTeacher Coach
B2.1PC = TC
B2.2PC = TC
B3.1TC = B2.2 TC
B3.2TC = B2.2 TC + B3.1 TC
B2 students without projectkeep TC of previous semester
Exchange studentsno TC

Blended learning line

A blended learning line on ‘Professional Identity and Vision’ helps support you for the coach meetings. A series of modules offered via a digital platform offer the basis to learn about self-directed and continuous learning and provide the necessary knowledge and skills for personal development. Teacher coaching is the face-to-face element of this learning approach.

Weeks 9 and 10 of each quartile are dedicated to working on your portfolio which includes reflections and evidence from the most relevant learning activities. The portfolio describes your professional identity and vision as well as your overall competence of design. This is done by describing past experiences, reflecting on present learning activities, and by planning future learning activities in the context of the competency framework.

The portfolio is assessed three times throughout the bachelor program.

  • As part of Design Project 1
  • Core design course: Professional Identity and Vision
  • As part of the Final Bachelor Examination