Wearable Senses Lab

In the Wearable Senses Lab you can experiment with soft sensors, e-textiles and algorithmic on-body systems. The lab includes prototyping and manufacturing capabilities for the creation of apparel, accessories, and jewelry that integrate technology on an inherent level. Beyond industrial sewing, over-lock and heat press machines the Wearable Senses Lab is equipped with knitting, weaving, tufting, vinyl cutting, 3D-printing and embroidery machines. All these machines can only be used by students who have attended an introductory instruction at the beginning of the semester.

Location: LG 0.10e


Nicole Gruithuijzen is the technical support person for the Wearable Senses Lab. Nicole has experience in textile product development for children’s carseats and production coordination for children’s apparel.

For textile related projects and issues, please contact her by email N.W.F.A.Gruithuijzen@tue.nl or meet her in the lab on Wednesday and Friday.