Bachelor’s programs phasing out

As a student of this Bachelor College you get plenty of scope to compose your own study on the basis of your interests and ambitions. Do you want to go deeper in a specific subject or would you rather explore the breadth by combining different subjects? Coaches and lecturers offer you support in whichever choice you make.


Study Structure

The TU/e Bachelor College programme offers 3-year lasting Bachelor educations, with a fixed part and a large elective part. The fixed part consists of the Major and the Basic Courses. the Major represents the branch you would like to work in as an engineer. The Basic Courses, which are given University-wide give you, as a future engineer, a solid base you can use in a broad range. The Elective part will be filled with a USE- trajectory and Free Electives.

The TU/e Bachelor College offers different Bachelor’s programs, all structured in the same way:

After finishing the bachelor program you will receive a graduation certificate of the major you completed. The courses you have chosen do not effect on this and you are free to choose the subjects you want to do.

Level classification

All courses have a level classification: introductory (level 1); in-depth (level 2); advanced (level 3). 

  1. A course at level 1 is an introduction, an exploration of the field. The course follows on from the attainment level of Dutch pre-university (VWO) examinations.
  2. A course at level 2 (in-depth) goes into the subject matter in more depth. It follows on from prior knowledge gained in one or more introductory courses.
  3. A course at level 3 (advanced) goes a step further, in the direction of a specialization or new applications. You need a great deal of prior knowledge for these courses. The course follows on from prior knowledge gained during one or more in-depth courses.