Bachelor Computer Science

Note that the information in this chapter applies only to those students who commenced their first year in 2011 or before.

Program revisions

In anticipation of the introduction of the Bachelor College, the 2011-2012  program  was already modified towards the expected model. The most significant changes at that time were:

  • the introduction of specialist ‘tracks’, viz. Software Science (SfS) and Web Science (WbS)
  • the adoption of English as the main tuition language
  • the transition from a semester-based schedule to one of ‘quartiles’

Due to the university-wide introduction of the Bachelor College, another revision of the curriculum was necessary starting 2012-2013. This might cause difficulties for students of intake 2011 and 2010 that did not complete all modules of their initial program.

Transition arrangements

The following modules may be replaced by other modules as laid down in the table below.
Note that the resulting program needs to encompass 180 credits or more, in consultation with the student counsellor.
For modules not appearing in the table one has to consult the student counsellor anyway.

Transition table for old modules
Codemodule to be replacedCodereplacing module
2DI36Statistics2DI90Probability and statistics
2IC16Computer networks2IC60Computer networks and security
2ID05Datamodeling and databases2ID50Datamodeling and databases
2IDC0Artificial intelligence 2ID90Artificial intelligence
2II05Business information systems2IIC0Business information systems
2II15Datamining and knowledge systems2ID90
Artificial intelligence
Web analytics
2II25Web technology2ID60Web technology
2II26Web analytics2IID0Web analytics
2IL15Algoritmiek 2ILC0 Algorithms 
2IN05Operating systems2INC0Operating systems
2IO71DBL Information systems2IOC0DBL Information systems
2IP15Programming methods2IPC0Programming methods
2IP25 Software engineering 2IPD0 Software engineering
2IP35Software engineering project 1)2IPC0  Software engineering project
2IS05Security2IC60Computer networks and security
2IT26Discrete structures2IT50Discrete structures
2IV10Computer graphics2IV60Computer graphics
2IW05Software specification2IW80Software specification and architecture
1)2IP35 will be offered for the last time in Q1 of 2014-2015


Students who postponed the minor to year 2014-2015 will have the opportunity to
take two coherent elective packages (15 credits each) of the Bachelor College instead.

Students who did did not yet finish their minor should contact the student counsellor.