Bachelor End Project

You finish your Bachelor studies with the Bachelor End Project (BEP). BEP assignments correspond with ongoing research activities within one of the capacity groups or one of the student projects (Automotive Student Teams). The BEP includes a number of professional skills such as presenting, reporting, and acquiring information. These basic subjects are therefore not accounted for seperately in the third year. The BEP assignments must be carried out during quartiles 3 and 4 of the 3rd year with a kick-off session in week 8 of quartile 2 and a closing session in week 7 of quartile 4. The hours for this subject will be timetabled for you.

Students may start their Bachelor’s final project if they have obtained at least 120 credits, including

  • the compulsory study components of the first year of the Bachelor’s program
  • two elective study components as stated in the Program and Examination Regulations 2016-2017 for the Bachelor’s program in Electrical Engineering.