The Bachelor's phase lasts three years and is completed with a Bachelor End Project. Each year is worth 60 credits, with each credit equivalent to 28 hours of study. A year is therefore 1680 hours of study, or 42 weeks of 40 hours.

The first year, the propaedeutic year, is designed to give the student insight into the contents of the rest of the study, subsequent studies and professional practice. It comprises basic subjects(including mathematics and physics) and various electrical engineering subjects. There is also plenty of scope for Design Based Learning (OGO). For the entire first semester you will be working on the 'Rock-your-Baby' design assignment. Our department also offers a number of other fascinating OGO assignments in the first year in which you will learn to solve electrical engineering problems through working in project teams.

In the second and third years you will explore Electrical Engineering in more depth and will have more time for elective subjects.

Both the propaedeutic year and the Bachelor's phase close with an examination, the propaedeutic exam and the Bachelor's exam. To be allowed at the Bachelor's exam, you will have passed the propaedeutic exam.

USE = course related to User Society and Enterprise
BEP = Bachelor Final Project (Bachelor Eindproject); minimum 10 EC, extensible to 15 ECTS
Colors: blue = Major course, Orange = Basic course, Pink = Elective