Professional Development

In this chart, you find how and where the professional skills (social and communication skills) are implemented in the Major. Results obtained for professional skills have no end date, they are valid indefinitely. 


Professional Skills
Semester CourseSkill
1A.1Circuits (5ECA0)Assessment planning & organizing (PRV51)
1A.2Signals I (5ESA0)Assessment writing skills (PRV31)
1A.2Signals I (5ESA0)Assessment teamwork (PRV11)
1A.2Signals I (5ESA0)Assessment reflection (PRV41)
1B.4Systems (5ESB0)Assessment presentation skills (PRV21)
1B.4Systems (5ESB0)Assessment searching & dealing with information (PRV61)
2A.2Electromechanics (5EWA0)Assessment writing skills (PRV21)
2A.2Electromechanics (5EWA0)Assessment reflection (PRV42) 
2A.2Electric power systems (5EWB0)Assessment teamwork (PRV12)
2A.2Electric power systems (5EWB0)Assessment planning & organizing (PRV52)
2A.4Computation II (5EIB0)Assessment presentation skills (PRV22)
3A.2Signals II (5ESC0) / Control Systems (5ESD0)Assessment teamwork (PRV13)
3B.3BEP (5XEC0)Assessment planning & organizing (PRV53)
3B.3BEP (5XEC0)Assessment searching & dealing with information (PRV62)
3B.4BEP (5XEC0)Assessment presentation skills (PRV23)
3B.4BEP (5XEC0)Assessment writing skills (PRV33)
3B.4BEP (5XEC0)Assessment searching & dealing with information (PRV36)
3B.4BEP (5XEC0)Assessment reflection (PRV43)