Complex Molecular Systems

Programs for Master Students


The Institute for Complex Molecular Systems (ICMS) offers master students challenging education programs that aim at preparing you for a successful career in research. Taking part in one of these programs will equip you with skills that are essential in an interdisciplinary research environment. In addition you will be connected to the ICMS expert community. This program is complementary to other TU/e education programs and after successful completion you will receive a certificate.

  Two-year program (20 cp); start in the 1st year of the master One-year program (12,5 cp); start in the 2nd year of the master
Scientific skills (8I030) 2,5 cp 2,5 cp
ICMS lectures 1 (8I040) 2,5 cp 2,5 cp
Electives 10 cp 5 cp
ICMS lectures 2 (8I050) 2,5 cp Not applicable
Master thesis Communication (8I060) 2,5 cp 2,5 cp


2,5 cp Scientific skills (8I030)
This course will be given in English and focuses on gaining practical skills and a deeper insight into a number of aspects related to performing research in an academic or industry environment, including setting up a research plan, performing literature searches, understanding the process of peer review and writing/publishing articles, obtaining insight in scientific integrity issues, and giving presentations. One session in this course will focus on skills that are essential in an industrial environment. PDeng, PhD and Master students will participate in this course. Assignments will be tuned to the level of the participants; in other words the assignments of master students will differ from the assignments for PhD and PDeng students. This course is only meant for second-year Master students, and PhD students in their first or second year.

2,5 cp ICMS lectures 1 (8I040) & ICMS lectures 2 (8I050))
The student attends 10 scientific lectures per year that have been organized by ICMS and at the end of the academic year submits a document that includes a take-home-message of max. three lines per lecture and a question that you have asked, or could have asked to the speaker of max. three lines per lecture. The chosen lectures should reflect an interdisciplinary selection. Students of the two-year program follow lectures in their first year (ICMS Lectures 1) as well as in their second year (ICMS Lectures 2) of the program.

10 cp Electives
Students follow two or more courses from other departments to train the ability to understand research outside of your own field of expertise. The courses should be worth at least10 cp.

5 cp Electives
Students follow one or more courses from other departments to train the ability to understand research outside of your own field of expertise. The courses should be worth at least 5 cp.

2,5 cp Master thesis communication (8I060)
The student writes a communication in a scientific paper format (under the guidance of the supervisor) that translates the contents of the master thesis to a broader scientific audience. The topics chosen by the student within the program should preferably reflect an interdisciplinary nature. The format follows Nature Communications and the length (including figures) should not exceed three pages. The students can submit their paper (including advice of the supervisor on the grade) to Cindy Plompen.

Admission requirements

  • A list with your grades obtained within the bachelor program (minimum average 7,5 out of 10) and a letter of recommendation by your supervisor or professor.
  • Successful admission to a TU/e master degree program in Applied Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Chemistry or Mathematics & Computer Science.
  • Interest in working in a multidisciplinary research environment.
  • Excellent communication skills and fluency in spoken and written English.

To apply for the CMS program, please send a motivation letter, your Curriculum Vitae, a letter/email of recommendation (max. ½ A4) by your supervisor or professor and a list with your grades obtained within the bachelor program to Cindy Plompen (

Finishing the CMS program

After completion of the program inform José Janssen timely that you have finished your study program. This will be submitted to the exam committee for official approval. If successful, the student administration will prepare the certificate, which will be handed to you during the diploma ceremony of the department.

Contact Persons:


Cindy Plompen

Phone: +31 (0) 40 247 5074



Student administration

José Janssen

Phone: +31 (0) 40 247 5443