Incoming internship/project/research

On this page you will find instructions and a manual for your online application process for an internship/project/research at Eindhoven University of Technology. Please note that you first need your departments/programs approval an internship at TU/e before you start your application in Mobility Online. Follow the below steps to start your international experience application process.

Step 1 – Contact your departmental coordinator

The departmental exchange coordinator has all necessary information available to help you with your application. She will provide your with the link to the online application form for incoming internship/project/research. Next to that she will inform you which steps to follow and how to gather all necessary information . All departmental contact information and links to specific departmental information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Step 2 – Download the instructions for applying in Mobility Online

After you have arranged the internship or project abroad with your supervisor/professor or internship coordinator of your department, you are ready to fill in the online application form for incoming internship/project/research in Mobility Online. Please download the brief instructions on how to register your internship or research project abroad in Mobility Online. (See column on the right side of this page)

Step 3 – Fill in the application form for internship/project/research abroad in Mobility Online

Visit the application form for incoming internship or research project via the link you received from your departmental exchange coordinator or internship coordinator, and start your application process. You can consult the instructions if you have questions. Please contact your departmental coordinator if you need further assistance.

Step 4 – All communications via Mobility Online and departmental coordinator

Now that you have applied for your internship  in Mobility Online, all instructions and communications will take place via Mobility Online. At each step in the process you will receive detailed information on how to proceed to the next step in the process. Please feel free to contact your departmental coordinator if you have any questions. The link to the website of the departments and contact details can be found below.

Step 5 – Applying for visa and housing (if applicable) for your internship abroad via Mobility Online

Once your internship or research project abroad is arranged and formalized in Mobility Online, you will be able to apply directly for housing* and/or assistance with obtaining a visa and/or working permit within the Mobility Online system as well. In your workflow you can see the status of your application. All the necessary forms for application and the documents to complete are integrated in the Mobility Online system.

 *Please note that you can only apply for housing if you stay a full semester.

More information:

Information of the Departments
DepartmentMasterprograms e-mail

Industrial Engineering &

Innovation Sciences

Operations Management & Logistics IE
 Innovation Management  
 Human-Technology Interaction IS
 Innovation Sciences  
Mechanical Engineering Automotive Technology MW
 Mechanical Engineering  
 Systems & Control  
 Sustainable Energy Technology  
Applied PhysicsApplied Physics AP
 Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion  
Built Environment  Architecture, Building and Planning   B
 Construction Management & Engineering  
Chemical Engineering and ChemistryMaster Chemical Engineering CEC
 Bachelor Scheikundige Technologie  
Electrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering EE
Mathematics and Computer ScienceBusiness Information Systems  MCS
 Computer Science and Engineering  
 Embedded Systems  
 Industrial and Applied Mathematics  
Biomedical EngineeringBiomedical Engineering BME
 Medical Engineering  
Industrial DesignMaster Industrial Design ID
 Bachelor Industrial Design