Accommodation abroad

The TU/e has a collaboration with housing platform HousingAnywhere. Via this platform, you can look for renting a room abroad, and it also allows you to sublet your room to an incoming exchange student (note: you can only do this once). Registration is free of charge, you only have to pay a small amount when you book a room via Housing Anywhere. 

Registration at HousingAnywhere 

As a TU/e student, you’ll get a VIP-profile when registering at HousingAnywhere: 

  • You'll get a Verified Student Badge in your profile (lessors often prioritize you) 
  • You’ll be the first to see new ads 
  • You’ll get priority in the booking process 

Would you like to know more about HousingAnywhere, visit the website, check out the FAQregister or send an email to

Tips for searching for accommodation abroad

  • Ask your host institution for opportunities or helpful tips to fix your own accommodation 
  • If you’re going to study or do an internship at an university abroad, their International office may be able to help you to find accommodation 
  • Ask students who previously went to your country or city of destination for useful tips and advice. They might have contacts that can help you to find accommodation 
  • Search for accommodation on the local ‘Craigslist’ website from your country of destination (like for the US). Be aware that cons may be active on these websites, who offer rooms that already have been rented or don’t even exist.