Holland Scholarship

If you’re planning on studying, interning, or conducting research outside of the EEA, you could compete for the Holland Scholarship fpr outgoing mobility. This is a scholarship offered by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Dutch universities of applied science and universities. The scholarships consists of a once only amount of €1250,- as a compensation for your study costs. TU/e has only a limited amount of Holland Scholarships available per academic year. Te be eligible for this scholarship and the selection procedure for this grant, you have to comply with a few requirements:

  • You are taking a fulltime degree at TU/e
  • You’re going abroad for a minimum of three months (90 days) and 15 ECTS
  • Your study, internship, or research takes place outside of the EEA
  • You’re an excellent student: selection is based on ranking, in which your grade average and study progress are the most important components

Below you’ll find the deadlines for applying for a Holland Scholarshop (combined with a FIE application in Mobility Online) for 2022/2023


Start date exchange/internship between


Deadline application scholarship for mobility with start date in the concerting quarter

Quarter 1

July 1st

September 30th

June 1st

Quarter 2

October 1st

December 31st

September 1st

Quarter 3

January 1st

March 31st

December 1st

Quarter 4

April 1st

June 30th

March 1st

Holland Scholarship is made possible in part by