If you’re going abroad to study, conduct research or doing an internship, it might be helpful to take a look at the required insurances. 

Liability insurance 

Ask your internship company or host institution if you’ll be insurance for legal liability. If not, then it’s recommended to fix this yourself. 

Health insurance 

Check your health insurance to see whether it’s valid at your destination. The basic insurance provides world coverage but check whether this coverage is enough for the country where you’re heading to. Some Dutch health insurance companies assume Dutch prices when paying an amount for medical costs that have been made abroad. This isn’t always enough. Find out if you might have to get an additional insurance. 

Sometimes a Dutch health insurance isn’t applicable anymore because you’ll receive an internship allowance when you’re abroad. This means that you have to get an international health insurance. 

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TU/e collective travel insurance 

The TU/e finds it important that its students study abroad while being well-insured. Therefore, there’s a collective travel insurance for all TU/e students that go abroad to study or do an internship and receive study credits for that. This won’t cost you anything.