International Experience


Students who have no (or not sufficient) international experience are encouraged to obtain the international experience worth at least 15 EC. The international experience can be obtained through courses, research or industrial internships.  International experience is not required.

Students should check the most up-to-date Covid regulations from the TU/e to see what is possible regarding exchange.

Under regular circumstances, the first quartile of the second year might be the most appropriate. However, this depends your program, prescribed homologation courses (if applicable) as well as the availability of the local supervisor and a supervisor/contact person at the host institution.

International exchange will give the students the possibility to: 
- Get experience in working outside the home-university, learning about how international organizations work; 
- Interact with and understanding different cultures, languages, habits; 
- Start an international network including young, and highly educated colleagues abroad.

Questions about exchange can be directed to