Admission TU/e Bachelors

Students who finished Psychology and Technology have direct access to the master HTI. Students who finished another bachelor at TU/e, have to complete a pre-master program consisting of at least two elective packages (A and either B1 or B2). Students preferably included both these elective packages in their BSc curriculum. Alternatively, students with a strong engineering BSc but who have included only one of these elective packages in their BSc, can do the other elective package within their Electives / homologation space of the master).

A. Statistics and Research Methodology

0HV00 Behavioral Research Methods 1    
0HV50 Behavioral Research Methods 2    
0HV110 Behavioral Research Methods 3    

Students may also have done a comparable course for 0HV00 or 0HV50; that is, a course that studied research methods or statistics at an advanced bachelor level. 0HV110 is strongly advised. This package is a prerequisite for Advanced Data Analysis course in the MA-HTI.

B1: Brain Perception Action

0HV40   Brain Body Behavior  
0HV20   Perception and Motor Control  
0HV100 Human Factors

B2: Cognition, Social Interaction

0HV30   Social psychology & consumer behavior  
0HV60   Thinking and deciding  
0HV80   HTI in social context

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