The Industrial Design Master’s program is a two-year program of 120 ECTS.
If you started in or after September 2021, your standard program consists of the components as shown in the visual and overview below.

In case you started in another academic year, please visit the page with the corresponding curriculum:

Started in or after September 2021

During the first semester of the master program (starting in September) you will participate in one project, one core course, one elective and one elective or Track Course. During the second semester you particpate in one project, one elective and one elective or Track Course.

For the second year, students can choose multiple options.

You can find project and course information in the Osiris Course Catalogue.

In case you start(ed) with the master program in February, you can find your curriculum overview here.

DPM115Project 1 Design15
DPM120Project 2 Design Research20


M21 Option1
With separate FMP Proposal (5 ECTS) for:

D*M220Final Master Project30

* The code depends on the research group your graduation mentor is part of.
1. There are various options to choose from in the first semester of the second year (M21).

Core CourseDCM100Constructive Design Research5
Track Course  5
Electives  25 (Total)

Check the Master PER (Program and Examination Regulations) for more detailed information about your curriculum, regulations etc. If you want to find out more about the possibilities to deviate from the standard program, please contact the Academic Advisor

If you are considering a double diploma (combining two Master degrees), you can find more information on the Double diploma page.