Graduation Procedure

Master diploma

The total amount of credits in the master Program Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion is 120.

Registering for the Examination Committee NF meeting in order to finish your master program

In order to graduate from your master program you need to request the Examination Committee NF (EC NF) to determine that you have completed your master exam program and are eligible for your master degree. Make sure to submit your graduation request about 5 weeks prior to the expected date of completion of your exam program. You submit your graduation request via Osiris Student by clicking on 'Progress' and then 'Status: Request graduation'. 

Below you find the set of deadlines and more information.

Graduation deadlines


Examination Committee meeting date

Closing date Osiris to register for the meeting of the Examination Committee

Final date to send the latest documents/results to CSA-AP

Graduation Ceremony

 No meeting in July  

Examination Committee NF meeting date

Every month (except July) there is an EC NF meeting. Your graduation request will be discussed during the EC NF meeting without your presence.

Deadline to register for EC NF meeting

The deadline to register yourself in Osiris for the EC NF meeting is 4 weeks prior to the EC NF meeting. Registration always refers to the first upcoming EC NF meeting. If you register after the deadline, your graduation request will be postponed to the next EC NF meeting. You can find the deadlines to register for the EC NF meetings in the table above.

Please mention in the mark field in your graduation request in Osiris the date of your final exam program activity.

Final date to send results/documents to CSA AP

10 working days prior to the EC NF meeting the following steps have to be completed.

1. Approved exam program

Please check whether you have an exam program approved by the SPC (Study Program Committee)  NF and/or whether you have communicated any changes in your exam program to the SPC via the appropriate form and whether it has been approved. 

Without an approved exam program your graduation request will be rejected.

2. Grades processed in Osiris

Please check that all courses in your exam program approved by the Study Program Committee are completed and all results are registered in Osiris.

3. Documents needed in order to graduate

If you have not completed the three steps above 10 working days prior to the EC NF meeting your graduation request will be rejected and postponed to the next EC NF meeting.

After the EC NF meeting

You will receive an e-mail with the decision of the EC NF approving or rejecting your graduation request. If your graduation request is approved, the EC NF decision will be visible in Osiris 3 working days after the EC NF meeting. If your graduation request  is rejected, your graduation request will be postponed to the next EC NF meeting.

If you need proof of your diploma before the graduation ceremony, you can request a certificate of achievement from ESA central after the decision of the EC NF is visible in Osiris. You can download an extract of your diploma 3 working days after the decision of the EC NF is visible in Osiris via DUO. The extract is a valid proof of your diploma.

Your graduation date on your diploma will always be the date of your final exam program activity, not the date of the EC NF meeting.

Terminating your TU/e enrollment

When all results of your exam program are registered in Osiris and you have registered for the EC NF meeting, you can terminate your enrollment from TU/e. Your enrollment will not be terminated automatically during the academic year. In order to terminate your enrollment before August 31 and receive a refund of your tuition fee, you must submit a request to that effect. The refund does not apply to the months of July and August. 

You can find all information regarding the termination of enrollment procedure here.

Graduation ceremony

In the table above (last column) you can find the date of your graduation ceremony related to your graduation request. Save this date in your agenda.

Approximately two weeks before the graduation ceremony, you receive an invitation via e-mail from the CSA AP. During the ceremony, you (as well as your fellow master graduates) receive your diploma in public. After the ceremony, you and your invitees are invited for drinks.

If you do not want to attend the graduation ceremony, you can collect your diploma after the graduation ceremony took place. Please contact CSA AP to make an appointment to pick up your diploma at the CSA AP office in Flux 0.124.