Entry-point program

The EIT Digital Embedded Systems entry-point programme consists of a Technical Common Base (25 EC), Embedded Systems electives (10 EC), and an Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) module (25 EC). The following tables summarise the entry-point programme:

KTH, TU Berlin, and TU/e offer an entry-point programme for the ES technical major. It consists of a Technical Common Base, an (entry point) I&E module, and Electives. The following table summarises the TU/e entry-point programme (for more information about the course, visit OSIRIS course catalog):

Technical Common Base (25 EC)

12IMF30System validation5
25SIA0Embedded computer architecture5
22IMN25Quantitative evaluation of embedded systems5
32IMN20Real-time systems5
45LIB0Embedded systems laboratory5

Embedded Systems Electives (10 EC)

Embedded systems electives should be chosen from the  stream specific mandatory and elective courses  associated with the four streams of the regular Embedded Systems program (see Systems on Chip stream, Embedded Software stream, Embedded Networking stream, Cyber-Physical Systems stream). It is also allowed to include Homologation units.

I&E module (25 EC)

The I&E module consists of a mandatory part (20 EC) and an  I&E elective (5 EC). The mandatory part consists of the following courses:

21ZM20Technology entrepreneurship5
3-41ZM150Innovation Space project10
3-42IEIT0Winter school1
 2IEIT5Summer school4

The I&E elective should be selected from the following list of courses.

21ZM120Entrepreneurial Marketing5
20HM220Network Society5
21ZM140Strategy and Technology Management5
31CM22Integrated Finance & Operations Management5
31ZM65System Dynamics5
41ZM90Open Innovation5
40LM150Entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility5
41CM15Project & process management5
41ZM70Entrepreneurial Finance5

Special track mentor: dr. Bas Luttik (s.p.luttik@tue.nl) , prior to the beginning of the academic year you should register for 2IMC85.