Free electives

The following refers to the the 2021 curriculum. (Students who started in Academic year 2020 or earlier can choose to follow the TRU/e curriculum as instead. See the Program and Examination Regulations from the year you started for that curriculum.)

Students have 35 ECTS of free electives in their study program. This is made up of 20 ECTS in the Department of Computer Science & Mathematics, and 15 ECTS that can be, in principle, any master courses offered at the TU/e.

Any homologation courses, as well as the (optional) internship, also fit in the category of “free electives”. Some courses may be prescribed as homologation courses (up to 15 credits) to make up for deficiencies in former education. This prescription is part of the admission decision. You can also choose to take security-related courses from other universities (provided their topics do not overlap with the TU/e courses you already take).

Your complete study program including the free electives always requires approval by the examinations committee. This is done by turning in the Study Program form. The academic advisors will inform you about this process during your first year. Your mentor will help you to compose a balanced program that is very likely to be approved. We strongly encourage you to consider taking SFC640 Academic Writing as one of your free electives.*

If you do not (yet) have a degree from another country or at least 15 credit points in international experience you are encouraged to reserve 15 credits from the room for free electives to take courses abroad or to do an internship of 15 credits abroad.

For more information about individual courses, visit the Osiris course catalogue).

*Before registering for the SFC640, you must first complete the SFC600 English Placement Test on Canvas to assess your current level of English. Complete SFC600 at least SIX working days before the registration deadline. Only if you have positive advice from SFC600 will you be accepted in SFC640. 90% attendance is required.