Graduation in a company

If you would like to do your graduation project in a company, then you should always first find a staff member in a suitable research group willing to supervise the project from the side of TU/e. Normally, the contacts with the company have been established by your supervisor. We strongly advise against contacting a company yourself first and then look for an appropriate TU/e supervisor. Together with the TU/e supervisor and the company you draw up a description of your graduation project.

The company will often require you, and the university, to sign an agreement in which aspects of liability and confidentiality are arranged. It is important that you do not sign any such agreement before it has been checked and approved by TU/e. The academic advisor (not the TU/e supervisor) will take care of this and will arrange that the managing director of the department signs the agreement on behalf of TU/e after it has been approved. Please note that the handling of the contract by TU/e must always go via the academic advisor; this is also the person you should contact with questions about the process.

If the company is willing to sign the TU/e model Graduation agreement or the Standard internship agreement for non-EU/EEA-students from Nuffic (available from Forms), then getting approval from the academic advisor and getting a signature from the side of TU/e will be reasonably fast. If, however, the company insists on their own agreement, then the whole process will take considerably longer as the university’s educational lawyer will have to be consulted. Hence, if you plan to do your graduation project in a company, then we strongly advise you to start making arrangements early (not weeks, but rather a couple months before the start of your project). Embedded Systems students who need to do a preparation for graduation project (i.e., all Embedded Systems students except those in the EIT Digital special track) should start making these arrangements well before the start of the preparation for graduation project.

For graduation projects in companies that require a graduation agreement, the  normal graduation procedure (see the Graduation checklist), should thus be extended with the following steps (after submitting your study program):

1. You explain to the company that it is highly preferable that the TU/e model Graduation agreement is used.

2. You contact the academic advisor, submitting your graduation plan together with the proposed graduation agreement.

3. The academic advisor will judge, on the basis of your submitted study program and your study progress, whether the intended starting date of the project is realistic and arranges that the managing director signs the agreement.