Department specific BEP information

In the table below you can find the BEP coordinators of all the departments.

  • Check also relevante links to the studyguide/Canvas pages per bachelor program by clicking on the specific link of your program before registering for ISBEP.

Department / major

BEP coordinators

Department Applied Physics

Applied Physics

Christine de Graaff-Lijzenga

Department Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Medical Sciences and Technology

Mariƫlle (E.M.H.) Bosboom

Department Built Environment

Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences

Judith (J.A.A) Smits 

Department Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

Ouafae  (O.) El Fahmi

Department  Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


Maarten (M.J.R.A.) van Rossum

Department Industrial Design

Industrial Design

Linda Martens

Department Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences

Industrial Engineering

Psychology & Technology

Sustainable Innovation

Erin Whetttell

Department Mathematics and Computer Science


Applied Mathematics Judith (J.C.M.) Keijsper
Computer Science and Engineering Katinka (K.H.I.) Verschuren
Data Science Nina (N.O.I.) van den Hemel

Department Mechnical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Rosanne Jansen